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Caring For Your Edward Meyer Grandfather Clock

Purchasing an Edward Meyer grandfather clock is a very special moment in your life. When purchasing a grandfather clock it is something that can be passed down generation to generation. After purchasing your clock, proper care of the clock should be taken.

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When moving your clock you should remove the hanging weights and pendulum so you do not break any of the inner components. When removing inner components from your grandfather clock, you should wear gloves to prevent corrosion on inner components. When cleaning your clock you should never attempt to clean the inner mechanism of the clock or the dial of the grandfather clock. This may cause damage to the dial or bend the clock hands.

Your grandfather clock should be sitting on a solid level surface preferably next to a wall to prevent tipping. You should never expose your grandfather clock to any kind of heat. Keep your clock away from direct sunlight, fireplaces and vents where heat can directly hit your clock.

When winding your Edward Meyer grandfather clock you should never wind very quickly. Winding should be done very slow and steadily. You should always try to wind your grandfather clock on the same day you started the original winding. When setting the hands on your grandfather clock you should only use the minute hand, this should be done going forward not backward very slowly. You should always keep the case closed on your grandfather clock to prevent dust buildup in the inner components. You should also lock the case to keep children from getting into your grandfather clock and breaking any of the inner components. An Edward Meyer grandfather clock should be cleaned professionally every 2 to 3 years.



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